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Daughters of the American Revolution

Matthew Thornton Chapter, NSDAR
Nashua, New Hampshire

Matthew Thornton

Ancestors of Our Chapter Daughters

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Capt. Captain
Col. Colonel
Cpl. Corporal
CS Civil Service
Ens. Ensign
Lt. Lieutenant
NonCom. Non-Commissioned Officer
PS Patriotic Service
Pvt. Private
Sgt. Sergeant
Sol. Soldier

Johanna Dudley
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Issachar Adams Pvt. Millicent Alden Massachusetts
Jonathan Allen Lt. Sarah Bass Massachusetts
Ephraim Amsden Pvt. Betsey Woodward Massachusetts
Caleb Ballard Cpl. Freelove Townsend New Hampshire
Ebenzer Barker Pvt. Mary Polley Coburn New York
Caleb Ballard Cpl. Freelove Townsend New Hampshire
Josiah Blood Sgt. Sarah Dunn and Amasa Hartwell Massachusetts
Joseph Brown Pvt. Ann Brown New Hampshire
Moses Buck Pvt. Hannah Chubb Massachusetts, Maine
Joseph Burnap Pvt. Mary (Polly) Tucker Massachusetts
Alvin Burt Pvt. Wealthy Austin Massachusetts
James Cate, Sr. PS Elizabeth Mason New Hampshire
Amos Chaffee Pvt. Anna Brown Massachusetts
John Cheedle Pvt. Mary Bosworth and Rachel Allen Vermont
Jonathan Crawford Pvt. Mary Heath New Hampshire
William Crutcher Pvt. Elizabeth Pollard Virginia
Thomas Dickens Pvt. Molly (Mollie) Stevens North Carolina
Abel Dinsmore Cpt. Esther Sanderson Massachusetts
Abner Dodge Sgt. Eleanor Dodge and Elizabeth Sears Massachusetts
Jacob Erb PS Magdalene Schrantz Pennsylvania
Nathaniel Fanning Lt. Elizabeth Smith Connecticut
Alexander Ferriole, Sr. Lt. Marie Appoline Mailhot New York
David Field Col. Thankful Taylor Doolittle Massachusetts
Jirah Fish, Sr. Pvt. Mercy Farrar (Farrow) Massachusetts
James Ford Capt. Sarah Swan New Hampshire
James Fry, Sr. Col. Elizabeth Osgood and Sarah Chever Robie Massachusetts
Dutee Gerould Capt. Amey Niles and Hannah Cash Massachusetts
Daniel Gowing Sgt. Sarah Burnap Massachusetts
John Gray Sgt. Mary Barker and Sally Wheelock Massachusetts
Joshua Green Pvt. Esther Cutter Massachusetts
Job Green Lt. Mercy Greene Rhode Island
Asa Harriman Pvt. Johanna Beal Massachusetts
Ichabod Hersey Pvt. Hannah Hackett New Hampshire
Thomas Hill Sol. Ruth Wyman Vermont
John Hilliard PS Elizabeth Smith Connecticut
Miner Hilliard Pvt. Abigail Hill and
Silence Storey
Corlis Hinds, Sr. PS Janet McMaster Massachusetts
Theophilus Hopkins Pvt. Martha Spencer Massachusetts
Silas Jones Sgt. Sarah Laird Massachusetts
Daniel Ladd CS, PS Johanna Dudley New Hampshire
Joseph Livermore Capt. Anna Rice and Martha Maynard Massachusetts
Timothy Loomis Pvt. Mary Orton Connecticut
Joseph Mather Ens. Sarah Scott Connecticut
Christian Osterman Sgt. Elizabeth Hewkirk (Nukirk) New York
Joshua Phillips Pvt. Anna Hill Massachusetts
Jethro Randell Pvt. Huldah Oliver and Abigail Wescott Massachusetts
Jonathan Rich Lt. Abigail Barton Massachusetts
Jeremiah Rowe Pvt. Sarah Hoyte New Hampshire
Aaron Sanborn Lt. Mary (Molly) Barter and Susanna Gale New Hampshire
John Shannon Sgt. Elizabeth Schermerhorm New York
Edward Smith Pvt. Abigail Kelly New Hampshire
Luther Spear NomCom. Rebecca Tower and Abigail Marcy Massachusetts
Caleb Stanford PS Ruth Cozens New Hampshire
Joseph Stanford Pvt. Sarah Massachusetts
Prince Stevens Pvt. Reliance Hickley Massachusetts
Ebenezer Stow Pvt. Mary Hartwell Massachusetts
Thomas Tash Col. Martha Crommett and Martha Crummet New Hampshire
Israel Terrell Lt. Zernah Beebe and Lois Upson Connecticut
Thomas Thorn PS Rachel and Casandra Maryland
Jonathan Tower Pvt. Anna Park Massachusetts
Joseph Underwood Pvt. Mary Munroe Massachusetts
Roelof Van Houten PS Catherine Nagel New York
Josiah Warren Pvt. Jane Livingston New Hampshire
Peter West Cpl. Hannah Cottle Massachusetts
John Whitman PS Anna ? Pennsylvania
Zadock Wilkins Pvt. Abigail Berry Massachusetts
Silas Wheeler CS Sarah Miller Massachusetts
Zebedee Whittemore Pvt. Prudence Stafford New Hampshire
Obadiah Witherell Lt. Mary Bussell Massachusetts

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